Nasdaq Private Market Reports $1.7 Billion in Transaction Value in First Six Months of 2020

Chart detailing regional breakdown of NPM’s private company clients.
Chart detailing NPM private company secondary transaction details trends.
  • Record start: Nasdaq Private Market set a new record in the first quarter, facilitating the most transactions for the three month period in its history, fueled in part by the strong transaction momentum observed in late 2019.
  • Early-stage companies drive transaction volume: Nearly half of the 29 programs completed (48%) were for early-to-mid-stage companies (Series D funding round or earlier) — a strong indication that liquidity programs are happening much earlier in a company’s pre-IPO lifecycle.
  • Transactions by unicorns: 10 companies valued at $1 billion or above completed liquidity transactions during the period, indicating unicorns’ continued usage of the Nasdaq Private Market platform.
  • Buyer evolution: 1H20 saw a steady rise in third-party tender offers, at 65% of total programs.



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Nasdaq Private Market

Nasdaq Private Market

Nasdaq Private Market is advancing the secondary marketplace for private companies, employees & shareholders, banks & brokers, law firms and investors.