What Law Firms Need to Understand About Secondaries — Beyond the Private Company Tender Offer

Company Marketplace — A marketplace beyond private tender offers during defined windows of liquidity.

  • Why? Regain company control of employee blocks under an organized market-driven process, while giving fair and equal access to shareholders and investors.
  • When? 2–4 times a year for periodic liquidity.

Buy-Side Auctions — Our flexible auction allows you to set your transaction timing, price range, and sell limits while connecting you with new institutional investors.

  • Why? Set the price of your company program while gaining access to a new and diversified investor base.
  • When? Customizable, on-demand liquidity when it works for a company and its shareholders.



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Nasdaq Private Market

Nasdaq Private Market

Nasdaq Private Market is advancing the secondary marketplace for private companies, employees & shareholders, banks & brokers, law firms and investors.